Bespoke Production Service

Are you a business tempted in bespoke or personalised products? Perhaps you'd like to sell your own work on cushions, or have a local event you want to marry your product to? It's hard to find the right supplier, or you're often forced to order large quantities. We're here to help.

We understand how difficult it is for artists to launch new products, or shops to create personalised products at a reasonable price. Finding a UK supplier you can trust to make a product of high quality is not easy. And when you do, you often have to commit to buying many per design, spending a fortune before having an opportunity to test the market. Wraptious wants to help you bridge the gap.

Using our cushions as an example - you can order as few as ten cushions, across 10 different designs if you wish. There are no artwork fees or UK shipping fees either. You keep your artwork - we just manufacturer your products for you. We offer the same prices as we do for our stock products, keeping things fair.

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Interested? We'd love to hear your situation and how we can help you.

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